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As the nation’s capital, we know that any trip to London can be incredibly tough on the bank.

However, it doesn’t need to be; as there are hundreds of free things to do in London. That is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 things to do in London for free, yes without spending a single penny!



No.1 Pay a visit to one of London’s many free museums

If there’s one thing we aren’t going to run out of any time soon, it’s museums. From the likes of the V&A’s extraordinary display of Art & Design from across the globe; to the world-famous Natural History Museum, this city has it all!

The NHM consists of over 80 million different historical items and artifacts; some of which hold great significance – such as those collated by Charles Darwin himself. The Museum is showing some amazing exhibitions, this year, including Paleoart – Reconstructing the Past, Fantastic BeastsTM: The Wonder of Nature, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and a special Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Spirit Collection – which shows off some of the Darwin Centre’s 17 miles-worth of shelves of spirit-preserved specimens.

Entry is free to most museums, but charges may be incurred when accessing specific exhibitions – so have a look online first for the best rates.

No.2 Take a free Walking Tour of London.

As you will know, London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom. Therefore, there are some amazingly beautiful sites to see. Free Walking Tour London offers 4 separate walking tours, covering different parts of the city. They provide the chance to see some of the most world-renowned attractions and landmarks, as well as some of lesser well-known, yet equally as spectacular, “hidden gems”. Again, these tours are completely free, operating on a ‘pay-what-you-like basis’ whereby you can show your appreciation to your guide at the end of the tour.


No.3 Visit one of London’s many unique places of worship.

Home to almost 9 million people, several of who originate from all corners of the world, London plays host to all religions and has some of the most visually spectacular cathedrals, temples and places of worship. St Paul’s Cathedral is perhaps the most well-known of them all, and (if you don’t want to pay for a guided tour) you can always join them in prayer or silent thought throughout the day. Their website states that “All services are free to enter. You are always welcome here, whoever you are and whatever you do or don’t believe.”


No.4 Immerse yourself in the two-thousand-year history behind the Nation’s most famous city.

You can pay a visit to the ancient Roman Temple of Mithras, which was discovered in 1954, from beneath the rubble of post-war London – completely free of charge. Alternatively, if you are interested in more recent history, you can head along to the gates of Buckingham Palace, and watch the Changing of the Guard; a traditional practice that dates back to the reign of Henry VII in the late 1500s.

No.5 Take a relaxing walk through any of the stunning public parks.

With areas like Kyoto Garden and Hyde Park, we have an abundance of green spaces, where you can be at one with nature within the busy heart of London.

Kew Gardens, in the south-west, are a definite escape from the madness of traveling and working life. Home to the world’s most diverse collection of living plants, with over 8 million, and a scientific research centre; it’s the perfect day out for relaxation (when the weather’s nice)!


We hope this has given you a few suggestions on what free things you can do in London, but if you have any suggestions of your own then please let us know!


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